1. Analysis . . . the bread and butter of MONEYLETTER's mutual fund newsletter. Walter Frank's by-lined article gives you a concise review of the markets and is the place to find changes to asset allocation, fund recommendations and MONEYLETTER's portfolios.
  2. Exhaustive Statistics . . . each issue contains complete performance data on 375 domestic stock funds and ETFs, 175 international stock funds, 95 bond funds, 165 specialty funds, and 45 money market funds so that you can quickly put your finger on data for each segment of the market. MONEYLETTER tracks more than 850 funds, but focuses on the 200 top-performers.
  3. Mutual Fund Profiles . . . get inside the nation's top mutual funds with in-depth interviews and targeted research. It's like taking a car for a test ride.
  4. Fixed Income Coverage . . . including corporate, high-yield, zero coupon, international and strategic income funds.
  5. The MONEYLETTER Hotline . . . allows Walter Frank to stay in touch with you so you're never waiting - for days on end - wondering about his opinion on fast-moving markets. The Hotline gives you a sense of comfort comparably priced services don't offer. Text posted on the member area of our website!
  6. Market Trends . . . a snapshot of the 12-month trailing trend of several key economic and market indices, and MONEYLETTER's estimate for the next six months. Where we've been - and where we're going - at a glance! And much, much more.

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