"Your method of picking the best mutual funds is superb, and your advice on when to buy and when to sell helps me sleep better."

Louis Woodsmall FL

For 40 years MONEYLETTER has been bringing thousands of individual investors clear advice on how to make money in the best mutual funds. Its sister publication, Moneyletter Plus, has been providing weekly, updates for almost 25 years.

Meet our team of experts!

Walter S. Frank, Editor

Walter Frank has been Chief Investment Officer of MONEYLETTER for more than three decades. Over his 50-year career, Walter Frank has served as a consultant to the House of Representatives Banking and Currency committee and as contributing editor to The Economist.

He is quoted often in national financial publications including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money, and The New York Times.

Walter Frank is a graduate of Harvard and Oxford Universities and is a Rhodes Scholar.

Cynthia Andrade, Contributing Editor

Cyndi has been a financial writer and editor since 1980. As Managing Editor (1986 - 1989) of Donoghue'$ MONEYLETTER Cyndi worked closely with Walter Frank, a relationship that continues today.

She was previously employed by Babson-United Investment Advisors, and has written freelance articles and reports for firms such as Fidelity Investments, Institute for International Research, IBC Financial Data, State Street Research, Evergreen Investments, and Lipper Inc.

Cyndi is a Chartered Financial Analyst and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance/Quantitative Methods from Babson College.

Brian W. Kelly, Publisher

Brian has enjoyed a long career in newsletter publishing and has maintained involvement with MONEYLETTER continuously since 1984.

As Vice President and Product Manager for IBC/Donoghue Inc. and IBC USA (Publications) Inc., Brian was responsible for all aspects of the MONEYLETTER group of products including planning, marketing, fulfillment, customer service, and public relations.

He joined our team at PRI Financial Publishing Inc. as Publisher in 1998. Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of the Holy Cross.

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